Favorite Rotisserie Chicken Recipes


I love quick and easy dinners and here are my favorite rotisserie chicken recipes. These are quick and easy and low maintenance.


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Crack Chicken – This recipe is so addicting and I love how easy it is to make. Dinner on busy nights needs to be something that can be quick and easy and you can’t go wrong with this creamy delicious dinner.



Chicken and Macaroni Soup – It’s getting fall and I love soup in the cooler weather and this soup is the best! You should try this one if you are craving a warm soup.


Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas


Sour Cream Enchiladas – I’ve made this with a salsa crockpot chicken, leftover roast and rotisserie chicken. The great thing about it is you can use almost anything you want and it’s always delicious. My husband loves when I make these!


Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad


Cranberry Almond Chicken Salad – This is a healthy and delicious lunch idea. It’s great on croissants and butter lettuce or whatever you would like. It doesn’t leave you feeling gross.  



Easy Chicken Fried Rice


Easy Chicken Fried Rice – Comfort Food. I love chicken fried rice so much and this is an awesome one that is a little lighter version of the original. 


BBQ Chicken Pizza Pinwheels


Easy BBQ Chicken Pizza Pinwheels – Barbecue chicken pizza is my favorite pizza. This is no exception. It’s a quick and easy dinner idea. Also, it’s cheap, we make half barbecue chicken and half pepperoni for the kids. 


Chicken Parmesan Sliders


Easy Chicken Parmesan Sliders – This is the easiest idea to throw together and you can’t go wrong with easy. I love parmesan chicken and these were phenomenal. Make sure you have some extra marinara for dipping.

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